by DJ Apolo Trevent

released: February 14 2016

  1. Hearts Be Racing And The Goal Feels Unreachable, And Probably Is
  2. It Feels So Good When I Chat With You, Like Nothing Else Matters
  3. I Need A Gracing Angel To Show Me Love, And I Want No Other But You
  4. I Would Swim The Great Ocean That Divides Us Just To Touch You
  5. All My Senses Go Numb When I Remember Your Deep Brown Eyes
  6. Never Have I Felt So Broken Yet So Complete Because Of A Person
  7. My Subconcious Keeps Reminding Me How Stupid I Am For Loving You
  8. I Am Tangled And Extrangled By My Own Complexes
  9. And Finally Morning Came, Another Day Has Passed And I'm Still Empty
  10. I Just Want To Love You, Romance You, Unlock Your Heart And Fuse With It (Feat. K O N A M I B O Y Z) [Bonus Track]