by DJ Apolo Trevent

released: August 19 2017

  1. It's 4 AM ,It's The Start Of The Summer, I Should Be Resting But I Haven't Slept Since Mid May
  2. In The Silence Of The Night The Only Thing I Hear Are Passing Cars And Recurring Thoughts
  3. Walking In Circles Around My Room, Because I Can't Put My Mind Nor My Body To Rest
  4. My Head Feels Heavy, My Face Looks Like Shit And I've Been Emotionally Buried Since Last Tuesday
  5. As Hard As I Try, My Eyes Won't Stay Closed For More Than 10 Seconds
  6. Now On My Computer, Searching Deep On The Internet For A Remedy For My Insomnia
  7. I've Ran Out of Options, So I'll Try A Recipe I Found Posted On A Pretty Dark Forum
  8. Drinking This Potion Was A Bad Idea, I See A Strange Blue Glow Coming From Under My Skin
  9. Limb After Limb, My Body Is Dissintegrating But I Am Not Feeling Any Pain
  10. I Am Being Introduced Into The Realm Of Nothingness, Where Nothing Yet Everything Is (prod. FIRE-TOOLZ)[BONUS]
  11. My Surroundings Are Morphing Into Senseless Blurs, Though I Am Strangely Ok With It (prod. Argiflex)[BONUS]
  12. The Blurs Are Gone, Now Only Darkness Remains, My Memories Start Being Consumed One By One (prod. Hantasi)[BONUS]
  13. Becoming One with The Dimension Hurts Just a Little But It's Worth For The Reward (prod. .mp3Neptune)[BONUS]
  14. And So I Became No More, One with The Realm Of Nothingness. This Is My Farewell


"I used to feel like trash, but i'm just not feeling anymore

If only i could fall asleep one more time..."