The Awkward Years (2012​-​2014)

by Fedora Attack

released: November 3 2016

  1. Strawberry Lips
  2. The Taste of Love
  3. Passion Fruit
  4. Guilty
  5. All Your Good Things
  6. Mr. Oizo - Solid (Fedora Attack & The 4Chan Orchesta Version)
  7. Abhi N - LoveSong (Fedora Attack Remix)
  8. Apolo Trevent - ▓▒░░░MASS CONFUSION░░░▒▓ (Fedora Attack Remix)
  9. Club Cavalry - With Love (Fedora Attack Remix)
  10. Culture Club - It's a Miracle (Fedora Attack Bootleg)
  11. Death In paris 1983 - Filter Disco ('La Swing is Dead Bootleg)
  12. M¡Dи¡GH〒 ☾ ک〒△L⊰ERک
  13. All Your Good Things (Extended Mix)
  14. Bless This Apocalypse
  15. Disco For Hipsters
  16. Eterne (Demo)
  17. Ⓕⓡⓔⓔ ⓐⓝⓓ Ⓔⓐⓢⓨ
  18. French Kissin'
  19. Fuckin' Hard Games
  20. Girl x Girl Action
  21. Little Boobies
  22. Lovin' is not my thing (I preffer Sex)
  23. Lιgнт Мγ Вοכγ
  24. Mistletoe
  25. Music Always Wins
  26. Snapshots (Of Out Past Love)
  27. Superman
  29. Warriors of Funk
  30. Whisky Coke (Hard Mix) (Unmastered)
  31. Whisky Coke (Unmastered)
  32. Zombies & Chicks
  33. マシュー·ペリーをフィーチャー偉大偉大さのビル·ゲイツデジタルソード
  34. 私Waifuは私をFriendzoned
  35. Funk You feat. Fedora Attack - One (Demo)
  36. German Ampiee - Broken Brain ('Frozen Brain' Fedora Attack Remix)
  37. Goldchilds - On Fire (Demo)
  38. Goldchilds - Sweet Sensation (2013 Remaster)
  39. Goldchilds - Sweet Sensation (Stupid Beats Remix)
  40. Ice Cream - Vision (Fedora Attack Remix)
  41. LiteraturE - Baby, (Fedora Attack Remix)
  42. MACINTOSH PLUS - リサフランク420/現代のコンピュ (Fedora Attack Remix)
  43. Carousel (Fedora Attack 'Carousel Boutique' Remix)
  44. Straw Anxious (Fedora Attack 'Disco is Merde' Remix)
  45. Orph - Ubucni (Fedora Attack Remix)
  46. Redkay feat. Fedora Attack - Jiggy Touch
  47. Ross - Madrugada (Fedora Attack 'I remix what i want to' Remix)
  48. Sim Gretina - Small Wings (Fedora Attack 'Flew Away' Remix)
  49. The Ponytones - Find the Music in You (Fedora Attack Vaporfunk Mix)

Tracks and remixes from before I made vaporwave stuff. French House, lame production skills, low quality sampling, excessive sidechain....
Basically today's Future Funk.

There are good tracks... there are bad tracks... and a lot of cringe with sample choices, shit drums and awful name choices (i was 15).
But this shit made me what i am today...

...a total loser

Tracks are presented in alphabetical order ACCORDING to the original file name. because i can't bother to order this shit.

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